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Let's Live Life Beautifully

Hi There

My name is Karen and I am one of the owners of Mieka Boutique. I'm also the buyer for all of the beautiful clothes in our two boutiques. In the 37 years we've been in business, we've had the pleasure of dressing thousands of women for the special occasions they attend! Whether it be the party they are hosting, attending as a guest, or for just wanting to look good going out, we have fantastic pieces for any occasion.

With two locations in Long Island - Woodbury and Greenvale - we've been dressing satisfied customers from the Tri-state area and beyond for their every day casual sportswear, as well as evening dresses for special occasions for decades. Many customers have been shopping with us from the time we opened our first location in bustling Cedarhurst in 1983!

We might all be aging together, but we consider that to be a good thing! Customers tell me they still have fabulous treasures in their closets from Mieka Boutique from many moons ago they just cannot get rid of and they still love to wear. When you buy something that is beautiful and it wears well, it never goes out of style. Beautiful is beautiful... you are buying a garment, not a label.

We celebrate all of the happy occasions, special occasions and all of the every day occasions in between. We all want to look put together even if it's just to go out for dinner, or in our new normal of 2021, a friend's backyard.

Despite where we are, we all want to feel good about ourselves and lets be honest - now more than ever - we need to feel refreshed and revitalized! How much easier could it be than putting on a lovely new top, paired with a classic pant and topped off with a stunning new necklace and earning. Get dressed and go!

Somehow, some way, this seems to be an easy solution to lighten our mood and take a step toward getting back to our lives as we knew them to be. We need to party like its 1983 (the year we started Mieka Boutique) and when I say party, it doesn't have to be a "party" as we usually think about that word. Party could mean simply a way to celebrate life, to get dressed up, feel good about ourselves and put ourselves together so we not only look good, but feel good!!

Isn't it time... to look good, feel good and once again live our lives? Try to get back to our lives, yes with some temporary changes. But in order to do that, we need to pull it together by peeling off the leggings and that old comfy t-shirt we've been wearing for the last year. Put ourselves back together the way we did before the month of March came roaring in last year. We know it's been months of staying home, staying inside. That's what we had to do to get to where we are today. But now is the time to celebrate the feat we accomplished!

We are smart, we did what we had to do to allow ourselves to get back to living our lives. So lets get dressed in a way that makes us look good and feel good again and that brings us back to the type of life we love.  

We invite you to stop into either of our stores, which are located in Woodbury & Greenvale to shop our beautiful selection of striking tops, pants, casual wear and dresses! Many people have postponed special occasions like Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Graduations, different types of celebrations but are now beginning to plan those special events and we know you want to look stunning at all of them!

Whether it's an event of 2,10 or 50 people with larger groups in the future, we have the right clothes for you! Our two locations are open in Woodbury and Greenvale and we are here to assist you with all of your clothing and accessory needs. We are your one stop shop for beautiful clothes, including sportswear, casual, semi dressy, day or evening attire with beaded or embellished ensembles or even simplified dresses.

In addition, we have great accessories for the final touch. Jewelry, scarves, handbags... all to finish off the look. We are here for you to help you look and feel beautiful again, and we can't wait to see you and welcome you back into Mieka Boutique.

I am not a blogger. I am not a writer by any means - its just that over the past year with our world changing so drastically, in every which way that affects our lives, I have been reflecting. Thinking about what we all have been through, the good times and the bad times. And I realized it's time now to reevaluate and remember what we are thankful for. To be grateful we've made it through to this point of being able to move forward and look forward to better days. Lets look good while we're doing it! Wishing everyone reading this safety and good health. Remember when you look good - you feel good! Come visit us, we're waiting for you.


Wherever - Wear Mieka

~ Karen